I am a worrier. I have high anxiety and have always spent my life waiting for the other shoe to drop. I worry about money, car breakdowns, unemployment, illness, my kids, my kids’ illnesses, allergies, and on and on…endlessly. I worry even in the face of all logical reassurances. I worry even when I know I don’t really need to worry at all.

Today, I saw someone with a tattoo that said simply, “Choose Joy.” It took a bit for that to settle.

When it comes down to the most basic atoms of my worry, I choose it. Sure, I have an anxiety disorder that sometimes completely takes over and removes the choice from my hands. But my regular, day-to-day worries? Those are me choosing to worry, instead of pushing the worry out of my mind, where it belongs. Instead, I need to choose joy.

I am going to do a small trial…when I start to worry about things that are completely out of my control, I am going to start doing something instead that brings me joy. Whether that means spending time with my family, reading a good book, or getting lost in a Netflix binge, I am going to do my best to choose joy.

I don’t expect this to be easy at first. I am, after all, wired for worry after a lifetime of wrapping it around me. There will still be days when worry overtakes my life. But if I can have fewer of those days, if I can choose joy on some days, what a difference that would make to my life!