This is Viv. She is a bit overloaded by life. She is Mom to her home kids, Teacher to her high school kids, Groupie to her bluesman husband, and Seeker of solutions for her health problems.

It is difficult at times for Viv to find foods that don’t contain ingredients to which she is allergic. She has allergies to wheat, soy, walnuts, tomatoes, strawberries, any tropical fruit other than pineapple, any melon other than watermelon, and lots of other things she can’t think of right now. She is lactose-intolerant, just to make things even more fun.

Because Viv is so busy, she doesn’t always take care of herself. But that is changing effective immediately. Some recent blood tests were a teensy bit scary, so Viv is taking control. After all, she is far too busy to get sick.

Viv has been a regular contributor and editor to Families Only and a variety of specialized local newsletters focused on such topics as food, children, financial services, and education. She has had more than 140 poems published over the past 25 years, and she has had several writings on the topic of parenting young children published in national media. She is currently editing a book of her collected poetry, and she is writing a novel.

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